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During the song “Let it Go”, Elsa discards the three accessories worn during her coronation that she views as restraints (x)

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oven baked lemon rosemary potatos and a side salad with avocado, chickpeas, pomegranate and Tofu :)

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Oreo Ice Cream

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Flower gleam and glow. Let your powers shine. Make the clock reverse. Bring back what once was mine. Heal what has been hurt. Change the fates’ design. Save what has been lost. Bring back what once was mine, What once was mine…
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"True Love comes in many forms"

since i’ve equated a few of my favorite dreamworks movies to celestial bodies, i wanted to do something similar with a few disney/pixar movies that i love and love seems to be just the right theme !!

remember to buy gifts for your mom! there’s only 1 week left to prepare !!

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Non-Alcoholic Sangria

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